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Cory's Back!

Cory's Back!

SKU: 001

For many children, talking about their mental health/mental illness with friends can fuel anxiety. Anxiety in children is seen as subjective feelings of fear, worrying, ambivalence, and avoidance. Everyone young and old experiences symptoms of anxiety. These feels can be debilitating, holding the person back from what they want/need to do. This book shares the story of Cory, a fifth grader who struggles with anxiety. It provides readers insight into Cory’s anxious thoughts as he shares his journey post psychiatric hospitalization with his friends.


The goal of this book is to promote discussion around mental illness and treatment and encourage children to be empathetic – to be kind, supportive, and accepting of those with mental health needs. Cory shares strategies he learned to help him manage symptoms of anxiety.


This book can be easily read by kids in grades 3-5. This book is also suited for therapy groups, educators who promote empathy and inclusivity, parents and grandparents who enjoy reading to their child(ren)/grandchild(ren) and can be used by guidance counselors and in counseling settings. 

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