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My Brown Girl Journal™ Inspirational Edition for  Mature Women

My Brown Girl Journal™ Inspirational Edition for Mature Women

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The My Brown Girl Journal ™ Inspirational Edition for Mature Women blends Psychology with Spirituality. This is a 30-day, 100-page journal that walks you through,


30 Days

The first six pages of this journal will walk you through your needs and goals in the following areas, Mental, Physical, Financial and Spiritual.



Start each week with a Mental Wellness Tip - activity. This will walk you through the psychological impact negative/ineffective thoughts have on your emotions, physical well-being as well as in your relationships. You will learn how to identify faulty thinking and will receive the tools necessary to make meaningful change.



Starting your day with a scripture of thanksgiving serves as a reminder of when you put your faith and hope in God, he will give you the strength and wisdom needed to tackle the activities on your to-do list. Every day starts with a daily planner and ends with a 5-minute reflective journaling activity.


Day 30

End the 30 days with a SMART goal activity. This activity will prepare you to create measurable goals to manage the four core areas you've focused on over the journaling month.

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